Recently, many outstanding articles from the College of Veterinary Medicine have been published in international journals. One of them has been selected as continuing education credits of American veterinary medicine. The performance in the field of veterinary sciences in the Web of Science citation index is outstanding. As a distinguished alumni of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Chair Professor Li-Huei Tsai has been elected as an academician of Academia Sinica. Professor Tsai focuses on the research of the development of new drugs for elderly dementia. Three faculty members in the College of Veterinary Medicine have received the "Outstanding Research Award" from the National Science Council (NSC) of Taiwan. One faculty member has received the "Outstanding Technology Transfer Contribution Award" from NSC.

Faculty members in the College of Veterinary Medicine have solid collaborative relationships with the veterinary medical industry and success in technology transfer. For example, the subunit vaccine of fowl cholera caused by Pasteurella multocida and the subunit vaccine for infectious coryza, both developed by faculty of the college, are now being produced and marketed by Formosa Biomedical Inc., and a monoclonal antibody against H5 influenza virus is being sold by Kao-Rong Biotech Inc.

Department of Veterinary Medicine
● Biotech development
● Zoonosis
● DVM training

Graduate Institute of Microbiology and Public Health
● Development and application of biotechnology to disease prevention
● Vaccine development
● Zoonotic disease surveillance

Graduate Institute of Veterinary Pathobiology
● Specialization in the field
● Diagnostic analysis system
● Vaccine development